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Iconic Volleyball player from North Kashmir: Meet Idrees Khan

Iconic Volleyball player from North Kashmir: Meet Idrees Khan

Kupwara, July 18: A boy of 23, Idrees Khan over the years has turned a charismatic volleyball player for District Kupwara. His phenomenal contribution in volleyball game for infusing the living spirit in the game as a whole otherwise neglected amidst the all-pervasive counterparts of Cricket and Football. Hailing from a remote area of Kupwara his approach has ever been uncompromising towards the toilsome journey he has gone through thereby focusing on his volleyball career until meeting the avenues in Kashmir University.

His ever-increasing sprite and craze for the game led him to play all the worthwhile state levels and became a reputed player known especially for his unique technique of lifting or setting the ball giving the sense of having springs in his fingers.

He has emerged as an elegant defensive player who remains active throughout the game with keen insight. His strategies, tactics, and technique have wrested his popularity all over in the North Kashmir. It is exceptional in Volleyball that a defensive player can get Man of the Match Award, but, owing to his talent, Idrees has privileged himself with many awards and accolades in high profile tournaments. He has played all the local leagues and has performed brilliantly.

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