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Amidst the breathtaking snow-capped peaks of Gulmarg, Burn Hall School marked the triumphant completion of its skiing courses, underscoring a commitment to holistic education. DSP Tangmarg, Faizan Ali, graced the occasion as the esteemed chief guest, and Abdul Ahad, Manager of JKTDC, added distinction as the guest of honor.

This year, more than 100 students achieved a milestone by completing the Basic Skiing Course, showcasing their determination and enthusiasm for winter sports. The slopes of Gulmarg provided the perfect backdrop for students to hone their skills, and the courses served as a platform for fostering a love for adventure.

DSP Tangmarg, Faizan Ali, took the stage, commending the students for their accomplishments and emphasizing the pivotal role of such extracurricular activities in character development. His words resonated with the aspiring skiers, leaving an indelible mark on the event.

Abdul Ahad, Manager of JKTDC, brought a sense of honor to the proceedings, highlighting the importance of promoting winter sports in the region. His support underscored the potential for Gulmarg to become a premier destination for adventure enthusiasts.

A special note of gratitude was reserved for the Army Gulmarg, whose support was instrumental in the smooth conduct of the courses. The permission granted to conduct the skiing courses at Asha post, 18 kms away from Gulmarg, added a unique dimension to the program. The Army’s cooperation exemplified their commitment to promoting education and adventure in the region.

Principal of Burn Hall School, in an encouraging address, lauded the students for their dedication to learning skiing, recognizing it as an essential life skill. The students were encouraged to embrace the spirit of adventure and resilience cultivated through their skiing experiences.

As the ceremony reached its conclusion, the Principal extended heartfelt thanks to all the departments of Gulmarg for their unwavering support. The collaborative efforts of these departments played a pivotal role in the success of the skiing courses, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.

The event concluded with a sense of accomplishment and community spirit, marking Burn Hall School’s continued dedication to providing enriching experiences for its students. The memories created on the slopes of Gulmarg will undoubtedly linger as cherished moments in the hearts of those who participated.