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Why Fight after losing the match?

Why Fight after losing the match?

The growth of Cricket is on upwards in Kashmir for the last 2 years with social media and the fan following of local players playing an important part in that. These days, the matches are live telecasted through different social media platforms garnering more viewership and fan following of players across the nook and corner of the J&K. If not for online, the people in huge numbers throng the grounds to watch players play live as most of the people are sitting idle at home because of Covid restrictions still being in place. Sports activities although allowed but huge gatherings of people are still banned. In Kashmir, this rule was broken the day it was written on paper.


Lately, there have been several incidents at different playgrounds of the valley where after the match, fans of the two teams playing in the ground have fought with each other after the one team loses or wins. The worst scenario is when the team players were beaten too. This thing has been mostly seen during the high voltage games where some of the valley’s top teams play opposite each other. All these teams have some of the Valley’s top players playing which makes these matches worthy of watching. To watch and enjoy despite curbs is somehow understandable but to fight after the matches is out of anyone’s understanding. Why do fans need to fight based on a mere result?

It’s not only the game of cricket that has seen this thing. It’s other sports too such as football and volleyball. In a shameful incident, a top volleyball player of the valley was beaten to hell by some miscreants watching the match after the player’s team wasn’t able to win the game. Any game will always have a single winner and despite so much advancement in the game these days due to social media, people haven’t learned the ethics and morals of being a fan or a supporter of any sport. What will one get after fighting? Nothing! Some shame and a police case in most cases.


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