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What lies ahead for the Cricketers amid Covid re-emergence

What lies ahead for the Cricketers amid Covid re-emergence:

COVID19 has taken over the world again especially India and it’s “wreaking havoc” everywhere. Cricket is no different.

Despite, IPL being played behind closed doors, questions are still being raised over its running. People are questioning, why does it continue to run despite India being in a state of emergency?

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This isn’t only about IPL, what lies ahead for local cricketers in Jammu and Kashmir amid the re-emergence of COVID19 is the real question? Kashmir unlike other states of India is heaven for Cricket games till winter sets in. The temperature from spring till winter is suitable to play during the day. As soon as spring sets in, tournaments and league are across the nook and corner of the valley start providing opportunities to players and make their name locally. Even, from the last year, night matches under lights were also been started. With everything going to shut, cricketers across the valley might find it tough to go to different places and play Cricket.

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Last year, for over one month, there was no Cricket activity in Kashmir and after that, there was such a bloom in cricket activities, which was never seen in Kashmir. The fact is, among all the Cricketers, almost none were tested positive for COVID-19 during the last year. If there is a lockdown to this time around, Local Cricket might bloom again in Kashmir. No one till now has been able to confirm, does sports help in defeating COVID! But going by what world has seen after sports activities restarted across the world seems to suggest that, remaining physically fit is the way forward to defeat the virus. This isn’t any theory, it’s just the assumptions people have been making throughout the world.

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If the lockdown is imposed, Cricketers need not fear, even playing in local small tournaments will not deter their morale. It will help them remain in shape and fit. Cricket and the COVID in Kashmir will run alike.

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Kashmir has enough Cricket grounds in localities to support them and help them play in safe conditions. Cricket isn’t going to stop anywhere soon in Kashmir, whatsoever be the reason.