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Unsung Hero Of Shaheed Gunj Srinagar: Meet Khursheed Mir

Unsung Hero Of Shaheedgunj Srinagar: Meet Khursheed Mir

By Haji Fayaz Sofi JKFA

Srinagar, July 06: Gol Bagh ground produced many legends, great players, and unsung heroes before the high court and legislative complex were constructed on the ground. And people today feel the shortage of such grounds in the state. Khursheed Ahmad Mir was born on 22 November 1953 at New Secretariat Road Shaheedgunj Srinagar. In his childhood, he played along with other local boys at Gol bagh ground. He went to SP higher secondary school and made way into the school football team. He played at interschool football tournaments.

In 1972 he was selected in the state team for playing at School National at Imphal Manipur. In 1973 he joined a local club ‘ Mehboob Sports Club’ Shaheedgunj and played League B-division tournament with his team emerging as the runner ups. In 1975 he joined Court Road FC one of the top clubs of A Division League. Within a few months of joining, based on his performance he received offers from other top clubs like SRTC, Food, and Supplies, Mohammaden Sports KMD. In the same year 1975, he joined SRTC. However, due to his education, he could not manage to services side-by-side so within 1 and 1/2 years he left SRTC and joined Mohammedan sport KMD.

He was part of the Mohammedan Sports team:
1. Won A division league tournament in 1976, 2. Was Declared joint winners of A division league tournament in 1977, 3. Emerged as the runner-up in knock out A division football tournament in 1977. Mir was also part of Kashmir XI that reached Quarterfinals at Durand Cup(Delhi) 1977.

He played as a striker. He was a smart and muscular player and scored many goals. He was a goal-getter. His ball dribbling was great and his shooting was powerful. And he always played at the frontline. Opponent defenders couldn’t judge his game easily. He played all the major tournaments in the state. As part of the KMD Mohammaden team, he played in one of the most historic finals of the state against the Bravo Army Team. The stadium was fully packed with people seeking a match from the top of the trees.

He was one of the tops forwards in the state from 1975 to 1980. He is a very humble and nice individual and shares friendly relationships with other footballers of his time.

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