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The present Scenario of Cricket game in Kashmir

The present Scenario of Cricket game in Kashmir

Cricket is a game which is played across the nook and corner of the the Kashmir Valley. From the last village of Lolab Valley to the Qazigund Tunnel, everyone plays it. From children’s to old aged people, everyone loves the game.

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Cricket is in blood of everyone. Some play it for fun while some play it to make a career in it. But, Cricket in Kashmir has a problem much bigger than the game itself. Most of the people here are sceptical about the game. The parents of all the aspiring cricketers don’t look at the cricket as a carrier they feel that the circumstances in the Kashmir aren’t suitable to choose cricket as a carrier. But, some of them have risen over these speculations and made a name for themselves in this field. Likes of Parvez Rasool, Samad, Rasik Salaam, Abid Nabi and others have created a different name for themselves. The Young generation of cricketers need to look at them if they want to make a carrier out of Cricket.

‌Another big problem faced by the the cricketers is the lack of Turf wickets and growth of mat Cricket unconditionally. Mat Cricket has reached to every corner of the valley and it’s destroying the real talent. The local fame achieved through this mat cricket by the local players makes them vulnerable in future. Being a star for some time makes it more disastrous for player’s.

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‌The tournament organising bodies don’t consider the development of cricket as formality before opening any League. Their main motive is money and fame and for that they open short term tournaments based on knockout. A tournament body is organising tournaments continuously in a single ground isn’t able to make a turf wicket despite taking hefty amounts of money.

‌The another big problem is that, JKCA hasn’t been able to promote the game in its truest form. Performance of JKCA in last 50 year’s have been dismal but lately in last couple of years since previous administration led by Farooq Abdullah was dismissed, they have been doing pretty decently. Some new policies have been adapted and furthermore, good things are expected from them in future.

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‌One more important thing is that players don’t use the social media in a positive way. Player’s along with people keep spreading negativity and hate for the player’s. Social media if used properly can take a person or player long way and players from kashmir need to understand this. So, better use it in positive or shun it forever.

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‌So, what is the need now is that players need to come forward and work together for the betterment of cricket. Even, organisers need to understand that the tournaments they organise shouldn’t be for money only, it should be for the overall betterment of cricket. Cricket here has a good future and fortune if the right people with right mindset come forward.