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T20 needs all-rounders or is it just a perception?

T20 needs all-rounders or is it just a perception?

Cricket as a game has evolved. From being played for 5 days to one day and T20’s and now to T10. In any game whether Cricket or football, things are meant to evolve with time. These small revolutions bring with them a change in the needs of a person who plays these sports. The same is the case with Cricket. Gone are those days, when only bowlers used to dominate the game of cricket, or gone are those days when the only batsmen used to dominate.

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There were times when wicket-keepers were only there in the team to keep the wickets. Now, wicket-keepers are the important batsman of any team. And with the introduction of the T20 and T10 format in cricket, a 3-dimensional player has become the most important player in modern times, which people know as all-rounders. All-rounders have become the most important players in present times owing to their skill with both bat and ball.

T20 game is a fast-paced game and an all-rounder fits the game perfectly. It’s not every time, that an all-rounder will win your matches but most of the time, an all-rounder will win your games singlehandedly. IPL is the prime example of this evolution. Every team goes behind the all-rounders at auction. Till now, the highest-paid players in IPL have been all-rounders especially foreign all-rounders. It does suggest, all-rounders are in demand in modern-day Cricket.

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Let’s talk about Kashmir, where everyone seems to be an all-rounder. If an owner chooses the team, he keeps more than 5 all-rounders in the team. Even, some teams have all the players except wicketkeepers as all-rounders. And along with bat and ball, if you are also good at fielding, your local cricket career in Kashmir will definitely flourish.

This isn’t an exaggeration but the fact that modern times demand a different set of skills from one person and which is the case with Cricket too. Not only T20 or T10, but even all-rounders also play an important part in ODI’s and tests too. If you look at the most sought-after international Cricketer in the world, it’s an all-rounder, Ben Stokes or Ravindra Jadeja for being the 3-dimensional player. They can bat, they can bowl and they are extraordinarily good in the field. Their presence in the field is in itself is a morale booster for the team. So, to conclude the things, all-rounders are the need of modern Cricket and if you happen to be a cricketer, then an all-rounder, you are in demand. Make sure, you do what all-rounders are meant to do.

error: I never liked to copy things that are out there. I always like to come up with something new, something different