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Of Gentlemen’s Game and Its Diminishing Standard

Of Gentlemen’s Game and Its Diminishing Standard

By Ishfaq Pirzada, Sports columnist.

Cricket is played by millions of people all over the world from different backgrounds, yet it is often referred to as a ‘Gentlemen’s game’ both in historic and modern times. Why is it called this?

Cricket is called a gentleman’s game because many early cricketers, the coaches, the fans, and the managers, came from affluent backgrounds, and were considered to hold virtues of ‘Gentlemen’. In modern times, the game has retained this title due to the values associated with it; especially the idea of fair play.

With every passing day, month, year, and decade, the game of cricket is losing, in bits and pieces, this precious term associated with it.

Rivalry is being induced as a concept and any progress is negated unreasonably.


Pic: Nasir Dar, JKSportstime

This Sunday, a final match was to be played in Galizoo, kupwara. The organizers, the participants, the managers, and the fans had sweated for few long months to witness this event. Some renowned people were invited as guest on the final match occasion. What happened, in the end, is yet to be known. All the fans, guests and other people had to return disappointed.

This is not the real spirit of cricket. Let’s introspect as to where can we reach if we involve ourselves in such kind of naive behavior.

Picture: Nasir Dar JKSportstime

Let’s learn the preamble of the spirit of cricket which reads, “Cricket owes much of its appeal and enjoyment to the fact that it should be played not only according to the Laws but also within the Spirit of Cricket. The major responsibility for ensuring fair play not only rests with the captains but extends to all players, match officials, especially in junior cricket, teachers, coaches, fans and parents.”

Sunday’s episode at Kupwara is a curtain-raiser regarding the development of cricket, in urban Kashmir in general and rural Kashmir in particular.

There’re resources, there’re opportunities, there’s the scope and there’s a target waiting for our talents. But, there’s no scope of intermingling politics with the game.

May the better sense prevail.

Our basic aim is to highlight talent and talented players.

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