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JK team needs support back home rather than bullying

JK team needs support back home rather than bullying

The fact of the matter is all those J&K players selected for SMAT 2020 are way better than left behind. Most of the players in the squad don’t play local mat Cricket, so people have not seen them play enough. People have seen local stars play and they feel that they can play straight away at the top level. National Cricket is altogether a different game and going by recent year’s results produced by the JK team, they have certainly improved. Till last 3 or 4 years, we hardly saw the JK team give a fight to the opposite team except on some occasions.
When you grow more, critics are also going to grow more in number.

Pic credit Mohammed Yaseen

Today’s loss against the powerhouse of Domestic Cricket Karnataka isn’t an easy team to be beaten. They have players in their team who have represented India or have played IPL. Today’s performance was satisfactory to some extent from the J&K team considering the less time they got for preparation during the season excluding local mat Cricket. The bowling was good but the batting failed completely.

So, what the J&K team needs back home support on social media and print rather than bullying. It demotivates players out there. Despite failures, if one is appreciated, he might play better next time. That’s the simple strategy! A lot of people are making a fuss about today’s performance, it’s better to help the team grow and come back strongly.

When the same situation arrived a couple of years ago for the India team, when there was a lot of bullying on social media, team management decided to ban players from using phones and social media. It seems JK team management needs to do the same.

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