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Ghani Gliders suspends all sporting activities

Urges youth not to venture into playgrounds

Srinagar, March 21: In view of the deadly Covid-19 threats looming large, Ghana Gliders Sports Club has cancelled all its sports activities which were scheduled to begin from March 25, 2020.

In a statement, Director Ghani Gliders Sports Club Tariq Rashid Ghani said their Club has suspended all the activities for the larger interest of the public.

He also urged the cricketers and other sports persons to suspend all their activities including practice matches, practice sessions, gym activities till the virus is defeated.

Ghani said world is engulfed by the coronavirus pandemic and strictly staying at home is the only option for the people.

“If we move out, we are not only endangering our lives but also putting the lives of our family at risk when we return home in the evening. The problem is that nobody knows who is affected and who is not. It is advisable that everyone stays at home and no practice or tournament should take place,” he said.

He said Ghani Gliders have been promoting sports activities for a long time now and as soon as the virus threat is over, all the activities will be resumed with more energy.


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