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Executive Committee Of DFA Srinagar formed

Executive Committee Of DFA Srinagar formed

22nd September, today an important meeting of DFA Srinagar was held in Srinagar in order to constitute the Executive Committee Of DFA Srinagar. The meeting was attended President DFA Sgr Mr. Bashir Ahmad Malik, Secretary DFA Sgr Mr. Showkat Masoodi, Treasurer DFA Sgr Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Teli.

The Executive Committee will formulate the Policies with regard to managing the day to day affairs of DFA Srinagar. The list of members of the Executive Committee Of DFA Srinagar was then presented to Secretary J&K Sports Council in presence of Chairman JKFA Mr. Wasim Aslam and General Secretary/Custodian Prof. B.A. Shah.

List of Executive Committee of DFA Srinagar:

1. Mr. Wasim Aslam – Chairman JKFA

2. Mr. B.A Shah – Gen Secretary JKFA

3. Mr. Bashir Malik – President DFA Sgr

4. Mr. Showkat Masoodi – Secretary DFA Sgr

5. Mr. Zahoor Teli – Treasurer DFA Sgr

6. Mr. Nazir Ah Bhat – National Player/ National Referee

7. Mr. Nazir Ah Andrabi – National Player

8. Mr. Tariq Madni – Ex Secretary DFA Sgr

9. Mr. Mohammad Lateef Bhat – International Player