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Defeating all the odds, he’s making a name for himself: Meet Umar Sheikh

Defeating all the odds, he’s making a name for himself: Meet Umar Sheikh

When you have pace, bounce, and also to go with it, you have that extra factor of height, batsman are bound to get in trouble while facing such kind of a bowler. Umer Sheikh is one such bowler from the remote area of Kandi, Kupwara, who is defeating all the odds to make a name for himself in the cricket field. Despite facing problems at every stage of life, he has been doing pretty well in this field. His pace and bounce have made people compare him with South African superstar, Kagiso Rabada and people in his area now know him by this name.

From a very young age, Umer had an interest in playing cricket, but his family was never supportive of this idea. So, he decided to quit playing once for all. But the fire inside him wasn’t going to die soon. So, in 2018 he decided to move out of Kashmir and practice at Jammu. For the last two years, he has been practicing at Jammu. Umer has played with all the top-level cricketers of the valley from Shubam Khajuria to other stars, he has been there.

For now, Umer is focused on working hard and believes, he has the capability to represent Jammu and Kashmir at national level competitions. Till now, Umer has won many men of the match awards along with man of the tournament awards. Umer is content with his cricketing life till now and believes, Cricket has given enough recognition to him and if not for Cricket, he would be nowhere in life. If guided properly and family’s support at back, Umer can be a future star of Jammu and Kashmir for sure!