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Bat Deep, keep well! That’s the role wicket-keepers have to do now

Bat Deep, keep well! That’s the role wicket-keepers have to do now

As the game of cricket progressed in leaps and bounds, from players to management’s to tournament, everyone had to make adjustments to the fast-paced game. Cricket was a game only considered for an elite group of people in every country in earlier times. They would bowl as well as bat themselves. But, in those times, there was one section of players in each team, which were only there to keep wickets and their batting was considered of no use as they would be sent to bat late down the order.

Until 1990, things started to change with contributing important runs to the team in longer formats of the game. One such cricketer was Adam Gilchrist, who flourished in the late 1990s and early 2000s. His approach to batting in ODI’S changed the perception of people towards wicket-keepers. He used to bat at the top of the order and blast the opposition bowlers with some stunning hitting. Not only batting, behind the wickets, but he was also electrifying. He would stump the batsman in quick time and would take some unbelievable catches. It wasn’t his glove-work behind, which made headlines, it was always his batting, which made him the legend of the game. Ultimately, he retired as the game’s greatest wicket-keeper-batsman.

Later on, in the first decade of the 21st century, more and more countries focused on producing top-level wicket-keeper batsmen. Having a top-level wicket-keeper-batsman in your XI gives that extra stability to the team. India produced Dhoni, South Africa produced Ab Devilliers and Boucher while Sri-Lanka produced Sangakara. They could bat anywhere. They could bat at the top, middle, or lower down the order. The impact of Dhoni as a wicket-keeper-batsman and also being one of the game’s greatest captains suggests, that having a smart-minded wicket-keeper behind will always provide you an edge over other teams. These three also retired as games greatest players winning the hearts of fans all over the globe. Later on, the introduction of IPL made it more interesting to have a wicket-keeper-batsman who could churn out quick runs at the top or lower down the order.

In present times, being only a keeper isn’t enough, you need to have the skills equal to a top batsman, otherwise many keepers were lost in the realms of finding their place in a team. Modern-day Cricket requires skills and if you are a wicket-keeper, you surely will have to be at the top of your game every time you step onto the field. These days, India has Rishabh Pant, Pakistan has Rizwan while South Africa has DE-cock. These three are presently the best wicket-keeper-batsman out there and others are in queue to replace them if they falter anywhere. Wicket-keepers bat deeper, keep well! that’s what they are actually meant to do.

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