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Adil Mohi-din wins four Medals at all-India Police Championship.

ADGP Armed felicitates Jammu and Kashmir police water sports team.

Srinagar: ADGP Armed felicitated Jammu and Kashmir police water sports team for winning medals at all-India police water sports Championship.

TheChampionship was held at Bhopal from 5th to 9th of December 2017.

In this Championship JKP team has won 6 medals, in which Adil Mohi-din won 4 Zahoor and Parveez wins 2 each Sajad Altaf and Asin won 1 each.

Adil wins gold medal in C1 200 mts, Silver in C1 500 mts one bronze medal in C1 1000mts and in team event C2 500 mts.

Zahoor and Parveez won two gold medals, they won gold in team event K2 200mts and in K4 200mts team event.
In team events Sajad, Altaf and Asin were part of team events.
Jammu Kashmir police wins third position in Over all Championship.

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