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Abdul Samad among the players to watch out in IPL 2021

Abdul Samad among the players to watch out in IPL 2021

Pic: Bhat Musa JKSportstime


Abdul Samad is a name, all of us have heard. Samad is a name that reverberates through the cricketing circles of Jammu and Kashmir and India. In fact, the top cricket commentators and analysts of the world have taken notice of him. With his swashbuckling performances in last year’s IPL, Samad made inroads into the top youngsters to look for the future.

Pic: JKSportstime Bhat Musa

Now, in a recent report published by Hans India, Samad has been put among the top Indian youngsters to look forward to IPL 2021. The News 18 has also put him in the top 10 uncapped Indian players to look forward to in IPL 2021.

Samad has a reputation of hitting the ball hard and big and in fact, he was the only J&K player to score a half-century in SMAT 2020-21.


Samad has carved a different name for himself and he will be gearing to leave a mark of his own in this year’s IPL too.
If he does so, sooner or later, he might be seen in the Indian T20 team too

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