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A look at the future stars of J&K Cricket:

A look at the future stars of J&K Cricket: 

Parvez Rasool is undoubtedly one of the greatest cricketers ever produced from Jammu and Kashmir. He is the only player from J&K to have played for the senior India team. Taking his performances into the foray, what he has done as a Cricketer, we checkout who can be the next big thing from J&K to create their own niche in the Cricket field. Samad, Rasik Salaam, Aquib Nabi, Umran Malik, Shubham Khujria, Suryansh Raina, SPundir, Qamran Iqbal, Vivrant Sharma, Henan Malik, Abid Mushtaq, Mujtaba Yousuf are the players who have the potential to play for India. These players can make it big. There are a lot of other players who can make it big but considering how these guys have been doing since breaking into the J&K team, they are the ones, everyone has high hopes on. These players are hardworking and produce performances too which is crucial going forward.

Qamran and Khujuria have already played for India U-19. Rasik and Samad have played in IPL. Mujtaba, Aquib Nabi, Umran Malik are the IPL net bowlers, and that exposure will help them performing better with the J&K team when the domestic season returns.

Abid Mushtaq, Vivrant Sharma, Suryansh Raina, Shubham Pundir, and Henan Malik had a wonderful domestic season. They will be gearing to leave a mark of their own when the domestic and returns. This bunch of guys will be playing for J&K for the next couple of years considering they are young and have been performing well. In fact, J&K team skipper Parvez Rasool has hopes from them, we can only be sure that they are good for that. Time will tell, will these players play to their potential.